mercredi 14 mai 2014

Lex Oppia

Hi folks! 

Well, saying to you that I hesitated a bunch of time before choosing this one would be... A little word. 

I finally cracked seeing Jarhead (from the holy Massive Voodoo) has made it several times.

I enjoyed myself, this one is more "cartoon" than usual. 

Very hard to decide which color to use, and where to use it. 

Difficult composition, but really, it is very well sculpted and molded, and it is a very good exercise, since there is every possible sensitive case (skin, shades, fabric, folds ...). 

Love it. 

See you soon!

samedi 3 mai 2014

Habeus miniaturam!

Hi there!

Did you notice?

Now you have a single image with all angles of pictures!

 I decided (if I manage to hold on this way) to group the pics, it is more convenient, as I publish on CMON it is much more convenient. 

Well, I bought this beautiful bishop to some crazy italians @ Lugdunum Show 2014. 

Definitly LOVE it.

Exept I decided tonot paint only a bishop, but to make Pie VIII,  the well-known pope, the day before his death. Howmany feelings in these eyes... Can't stop crying. :p

All the basic colors of clothing were made with an airbrush, the rest with brushes, as the face and details. Maybe this will be my entry for the next contest. 

Who know. 

I leave you with it, kisses! ;) H

mercredi 23 avril 2014


Hi folks!

Know of a beautiful Egyptian girl who flirting with some Roman guys and make a fucking mess throughout the ancient world for years before making dirty things with snakes? 
I do. ^^ 

I looked and read dozens of things on this queen while I was doing this pretty girl from Kabuki (definitly love this brand).

It had made me believe that she was not well sculpted or even pretty, and it was wrong . 
It is very nice.
 For paint learning, for example, it can be a super model!

See you soon with more Girlz and old man! 

dimanche 13 avril 2014

Hi honey!

Hi folks! 

My latest project in Kabuki Models, my first love in miniature! 


And four years later, I finally paint it! 

I hope you enjoy it! 

See you later friends!

P.S: I know, very short article, but, hey, what else?

vendredi 4 avril 2014

Medusa, snake tongue

Hi friends! 

Who are his snakes hiss on your heads? (Sorry, in french, it sound much better than English ... That's why I'm speaking the great language of Molière ^^) 

Today I present a beautiful figurine, a very limited edition because my print was the last one! How sad! 

Allan Carrasco very well sculpted this damsel, I find it very fun to paint! 

The myth is quite interesting and the miss is very pretty, a touch of eroticism without exaggeration! 

I hope I have done justice to the sculpture of the "fiery lady"! 

See you soon folks!

samedi 15 mars 2014

More horn and more boobs!

Ah, my friends! 

You know this mini openly flirting with me for months. 
I broke down, I took it, painted and even presented in the 1/6th Lugdunum Show 2014. 

The particular point on this one is to be painted only with delible inks! Dive into the water and there it is all white! 
I really enjoyed painting this miss, this is really what kind of figurines that I love. 
Love it. 

Thanks to my beloved lady for all looks and checks she gave on this mini! Love you Hummingbird
See you soon friends! 


samedi 8 mars 2014

"Vodka Martini, Shaken not Stirred"

Hello 007. 
A mini from  Alexandro Models escaped on your workspace. 
Find it, and paint it. 
You are allowed to kill, but not to ruin your brushes! 

Note on CMON:

Project in three hours to make a gift to my mom, and I took the opportunity to present it at Lugdunum Show 2014. 
Very cool mini, I recommend it to you!

See you at M's office.
Had, over.